The Break – Martial Arts Action Film

Our latest film, The Break, is now online. It’s a story of Cop vs Criminal, both experts of unarmed combat, neither wanting to relent.

We had the chance with this film to work with the black magic pocket camera. I think it really helped with the final look of the film a lot, the quality of the images we shot really allowed us to push the cinematic feel of the film.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 17.47.31It was also a great chance to work with two excellent on-screen fighters, Kamran Kam & Wilfried Tah.

When I made films before, I tended not to factor in any time for rehearsal, which would reflect on the final product; it always ended up being not quite as good as it could have been. However with this one, the two martial arts actors spent a day beforehand rehearsing their fight. It shows in the final product. Their moves are crisp and amazing.

I was determined to just put the camera on a tripod, give them a wide an angle as possible, and just let their performance speak for itself. I think this has ended up being the strongest fight scene we’ve ever produced. I’m very proud of all the hard work everyone put into it.

I’d love for our goal in the future to be to show hollywood that you don’t need a large budget to make excellent fight scenes for films. You don’t need to shake the camera about to add the artificial energy into your fights. All you need is clear precise storytelling, told through choreography, cinematography and editing. It’s a collaboration from everybody.

IMG_8000 copy

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