Filmmaking – The Streak

This was a filmmaker’s challenge I set myself. The streak is something I created after a long period of restlessness, of trying to get films made but failing at every turn, of poor creative output and a frustration with my circumstances. Upload a video every week, no matter what. That’s the streak. It could be absolutely anything, just get it uploaded, get it out there, get it online, viewable in some form.

Flash back to February, I was on a multimedia course with a bunch of very talented youth. I had a new channel but nothing new to put into it. We got given cameras one day and so I shot this very cheesy little introduction video about myself that included a quick montage of what I’d done before:

A few weeks later it had occured to me that I had gotten to 3 videos without even realising it. I felt inspired by the guerilla filmmakers in the past, the one man bands who set out to do everything in their power to make their story, regardless of their budget or man power. This video in particular, what Sam Raimi talks about, was the lightning rod that set all this off:

So I tried my hardest to put something out every week. I didn’t think I’d last past week ten.

Roll on week ten and this was my output, a martial arts short film made by the entirety of the yhworld multimedia course:

And it continued on like that, week by week.

I find myself here at week 40, with only one goal in mind. Get to 52, no matter what.

It may be that it ends this week, it might end in 30 days, I have no idea. But this monomaniacal quest of mine has been a comfort to me. It is an endless quest for perfection that we humans are incapable of reaching, as we find ourselves fundamentally flawed by our own humanity. But that doesn’t matter.


What matters is we try.


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