En Passant – new Action short film out now!

Very pleased to announce our brand new action short film, En Passant, is out now!

Inspired by the John Woo movies of the 90s.

This was so much fun to make. We had about 7 people on set, scurrying about an empty office building, wielding guns, sticks & swords.

It was a pretty chaotic experience. We filmed about two days worth of footage in the space of a day, just rushing around to get absolutely everything done.

My main tip coming off the back of this would be to never film in lifts. They’re unreliable and so much time gets burned up calling the lift back up to the floor. I should have really learned this lesson since I’ve worked on a few things in the past that required lifts, and we came across the same frustrations.. Live and learn!

I’d also recommend never rushing anything, though I know this is tricky to do when you’re on set and only have an hour left to get everything in the can. The only real reason we rushed through so much filming was that we didn’t want to have to come in on a sunday. The film might have been significantly better had we taken that extra day, who knows! 

But overall I’m very proud of it. We all worked very hard on it. The colour grade looks amazing, and the soundtrack we had done for us fits perfectly.

We learned a lot of lessons, and made a kick ass movie. On to the next one! 

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